September 19, 2018 / Comments Off on YOU ARE THE CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE

Growing up we are taught all about good behaviour and Values, about selflessness and sacrifice, about how to be good to others and to spread happiness.


We all have martyrs in our families who go beyond themselves to help and be of service to their friends and family. They may be spreading happiness in their view, but are they happy?


As they say – Charity begins at home.


Happiness begins with Your Self.


We all know the old proverb that cautions us that we cannot serve from an empty vessel. How then can we take care of others without first taking care of ourselves?


Sooner or later the cup empties and then dissatisfaction, unhappiness, resentment and regret take up the empty space.


Nita was fast approaching middle age and had become fearful of her life going by without any substance. She had devoted her life to her husband and kids, and was there for everyone in her circle of friends and extended family.


Years went by as she tended to every wish that came in front of her; she was elated to be the centre of their universe. As the kids entered their teens she started feeling left out of their lives and that’s when she came to De Mantraa to find out where she went wrong.


She couldn’t understand why was she so unhappy when everything around her was as she had always dreamt of.


She started sessions and it came as a shock to her to understand how her own beliefs and patterns had made her ignore herself at every stage of her life.


We worked with her to set her neuropathways in the right direction for her; the rewiring that was done for her thinking patterns made her aware of her needs and new behaviours were inculcated for her to take good care of herself.


Within a month Nita was reorganising her life to include new learning in the form of courses and workshops; she had restructured her home environment to organise everything to be taken care of while she took care of herself.


Today she is an entrepreneur with a fledgling business, her family still revolves around her.


First and foremost she has made herself the centre of her Universe.


Children are naturally joyous because they are in the play mode all the time. Anything that they do stems from curiosity and wonder. These qualities we lose as we grow up and more adult values take up our space.


What would happen if we retained that child-like wonder with all the new learnings that we imbibe as we grow up?

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