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In our space there is a constant conflict between what ‘should be’ and what is.


What is, is always a result of what we have worked towards.


We do not realise this and end up reprimanding our environment, our colleagues, our relationships; basically blaming everything and everyone. It is ironic that what we aspire towards, what we whole heartedly wish for, is exactly what we continue to work against.


How do we manage to do that?!


Rina was a mother of two energetic teenagers. She was a stickler for rules and regulations as she believed that discipline plays a big part in anyone’s success.


Was she wrong? No!


The way she implemented this belief though went awry when her boys grew older and started rebelling against her strict rules. Their tantrums took off in a way where she felt helpless to counter them. Her answer to the whole problem was to enforce the discipline more stringently.


Rina came to Dr. Meghana in a state of total bewilderment. She could not understand what she had done wrong to arrive at this crossroad where her kids seemed like her enemies.


A couple of sessions with Dr. Meghana sorted her thoughts and beliefs around to a way where she could see the folly of her actions. She was able to get her kids back on the same page as her with authority that spoke with love.


She went on to coach with Dr. Meghana to renew her business that she had given up for her kids. She is a successful entrepreneur today with an admirable turnover in her venture.


What is it that make us so sure of our paths even when we see that the results are not what we desire?


The beliefs are by nature such that they give us a tunnel vision where we are unable to see any other reality exceot the one we believe. It takes an expert to get to the root of the belief system and make that minute change in the wiring of the neurology in such a way that the trajectory takes a different direction altogether.


Are you ready to let go of the struggle to hold on to your beliefs in this tug-of-war?



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