Success DNA Unleashed 4 week Challenge:

Exercise your Birthright to Be Extraordinary!!

You can’t just Wish and Talk about your ideal life. You have to take action to deliberately create your ideal life. The more you take action, the easier and more natural it feels to continue taking action.

That’s why I want to offer you a gift.

I’ve created an amazing program – “SDU 4 Week Challenge” – that helps you get over any “Limitation” over the course of 30 days. Or you can use it to create new habits.

I’m so committed to Unleashing Power Within Each One of Us that is why this program is Absolutely FREE for you! I am Hoping you will make the most out of it.

Each day, from 11th June Onwards Videos will be posted Here and on My Youtube Channel  @Dr.MeghanaDikshit. All you need to do is dedicate 5 minutes of your time daily for a month to achieve Short term immediate success and long term positive changes.

To Start With, If you need email reminders Click here fill out the form or simply BookMark this page and start your day with the video for the day.

Steps to follow:

1. Watch The potential of SDU 4 Week Challenge video.

2. Download You Matter Life Assessment and rate your aspects. 

3. Make sure to download the SDU Action Journal and fill it up every day after watching the video. 

4. For each day there will be a video posted here.

5. Feel the Magic and Bend your reality

Download these:

The potential of SDU 4 Week Challenge | Dr. Meghana Dikshit

In this video, Dr. Meghana Describes how she created this program and made this a major success for her. 

(scroll down for today’s video)

Let’s discover where you are in your life right now and where you want to go.

Choose your DESTINY. 

How do I do that?

It’s simple: Take your time to go through these videos and finish all your assignments.

Technically: Fill out the ‘You Matter Life Assessment’ to know which one of 8 aspects you can pick to work on these 30 days of SDU Challenge.

Use SDU Action Journal to keep track of your progress..:)

Note Worthy: You Matter Life Assessment will help in knowing where you are currently and where you want to go. You can have more clarity on the stress points in your life. Should you wish to watch the longer version of 8 aspects of life by Dr. Meghana for more insights: https://youtu.be/eNsyr92Iy7I.

Day- 1

The Day of Discovery: 


Day- 2

This day is all about responsibility.  

Day- 3

This day is all about commitment. 

Day- 4

Time to hire some assistants! 

Day- 5

Day- 6

Day- 7

Day- 8

Day- 9

Day- 10

Day- 11

Day- 12

Day- 13

Day- 14

Day- 15

Day- 16

Day- 17

Day- 18

Day- 19

Day- 20

Day- 21

Day- 22

Day- 23

Day- 24

Day- 25

Day- 26

Day- 27

Day- 28

Day- 29

Day- 30

It’s all here, everything you need to Exercise your Birthright to Be Extraordinary!!
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