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Do You Know That There Is Always A Way Out Of The Mess You May Find Yourself In?


Rima had come to De Mantraa with serious problems in her business; she was making losses in her factory and was unable to pay the instalments of the loan she had taken against it.


She was in despair and was afraid that she would lose everything she had worked for. Her parents and her brother’s family depended on her for their sustenance. She feared that they would be left unsupported if she was unsuccessful in her venture.


At De Mantraa she was helped to leave her past baggage behind her; she was unnecessarily taking on the loads that were to be borne by others. Her compulsion to do so was dealt with. She was an avid student and she grew by leaps and bounds.


She was able to detach from her brother’s story of non-performance and she stopped taking responsibility for it. She helped her sister-in-law set up her own venture to be able to take care of her own family.


Rima’s obstacles in the work place were tackled and she saw her business turning around within weeks. She was able to continue the repayment of the loan on her venture.


She had been plagued by fears that kept her from trying out new things. It stopped her from being adventurous and innovative in business too.


Within weeks she was able to let go of her fears and she bought a car and she learnt to drive. She was able to buy a property in her native village which had been her dream for very long.


She also had dreamt of being an entrepreneur with time enough to travel while the business took care of itself. With this goal she surged ahead with new ideas and innovations at work.


Today she travels while her three businesses run on autopilot and she works in a supervisory capacity just a few hours every week.

With the extra time in hand she has joined the social service bandwidth by helping rural women have sources of income using their talents at art and handicrafts.


She has helped her mother fulfil her long time dream of using her creativity for good measure. She helps market the lovely bags that her mother creates from the waste material from Rima’s factories; this is fast becoming another source of good income for them.



Where There Is A Will There Is A Way.



Rima made up her mind that she was ready to change her focus from what was not working for her to what could work for her. In other words she started looking for solutions rather than to keep dwelling on her problems.



There Is A Ladder Going Upwards Always From Wherever You Are.



Choose to grow from where you are at present.



The Sky Is Not The Limit, There Is A Whole Universe Beyond.



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