September 7, 2018 / Comments Off on FOUR RULES FOR BETTER DECISION-MAKING

Decision-making is a skill that most of us struggle with at the best of times; but sometimes, the methods we use create roadblocks for us. The good news is where there’s a will, there’s a way. Below are four simple rules for making decisions that will provide clarity, purpose and that decisiveness that you need before making your next important decision.



Make A Big Decision Within 48 Hours

By giving yourself a 48-hour deadline makes you accountable. Set up the responsibility for yourself to help with your decision-making. Share with someone your decision and your deadline, even if they don’t really care. These small decisions could be meeting up with a friend, going for that swim or not, deciding how much to money to spend, choosing what brand of toothpaste to buy, or which charity to contribute to. By sharing we are more likely to follow through with making the decision.

Make a Small Decision in 60 seconds

Setting a time limit of 60-seconds for small decisions will train your mind to know that you have the capability to make decisions on demand. Having a shorter timeline for small decisions will make that bigger to-do list so much shorter.

Get It Clear In Your Mind

Why are you pursing this path? How will this decision benefit you? Have a check-list or a way to measure your success. Get specific about what you want and why you want it, and how you will measure it when you’ve completed your goal.

Write It Down

Difficult or important decisions should be written down on paper. It becomes sure in your mind when you see it written down. It also prevents you from going into the what-if loops if you keep the idea in without a form in your thoughts. It eliminates the stress and pressure.


Get An Accountability Coach

The fourth rule for making better decisions is to get an accountability coach or partner. Be sure that this person is not someone who would give up on you, but holds you accountable for taking action on the decisions you make.




Last modified: September 7, 2018