Create A Brand and Before that Loyal Brand Following.

February 21, 2017 / Comments Off on Create A Brand and Before that Loyal Brand Following.

How to create a strong brand loyalty?

A major part of building your brand loyalty depends on your being able to guarantee your customers will want to return to your site. Loyal customers are more willing to stick around, and more likely to become strong advocates for your brand on their social channels and among friends. By investing in your logo design, understanding what makes your customers tick, engaging with them, and promoting their tweets and posts on your own social media channels you’ll be able to create a sense of familiarity with your users.

Sell the company, sell you.

Leverage executives within your organization by using their personal brand to reflect your company’s brand.  Recognize that ceos or other executives — whether they be someone like elon musk at tesla motors and spacex, or tim cook at apple, are aligned with the brand, top to bottom. These executives can help put a personal face to your brand.

Developing trust and re-emphasizing the company’s mission statement is vital to connecting with your target audience on social media. The core values of the company are important to consumers and resonate, prompting brand advocates to express similar values.


Connect with your customers

be present at touch points which matter most to your customers and provide an emotional connection.  As brands are battling for higher affinity, connect and engage with your customers on a regular basis.  Increase awareness amongst your customers.  Provide your customers with value and motivation and create a community that builds buzz around your brand.


Deliver personalized experiences

Digital marketing enables us to connect with customers in different ways.  Drive a strategy of conversational marketing that orchestrates one-to-one seamless messaging across all channels.  Profile, segment and analyze your customer base and past buying patterns and create personalized, two-way interactions with your customers that are relevant and customized. Don’t group your customers as stats. Keep your focus on building customer relationships.


Turn to influencers to promote your brand

One of the ways brands can build loyalty is by having celebrities promote their product or service. However, when it comes to furthering your engagement with your customers and building your brand’s loyalty, turning to influencers on social media channels may be a safer bet.


In an otherwise cold and technical world, people are constantly searching for a sense of human interaction and emotion. Make sure you’re invested in your users in a personal way, gain their trust by making good on your promises and watch your base of loyal customers grow.

Last modified: March 24, 2018