Are You Awake Every Day?

August 29, 2018 / Comments Off on Are You Awake Every Day?

As you go through life does it get more mundane, or do you still wake up excited to face the day?


Children go through every moment of the day filled with curiosity and wonder at everything that they perceive and experience. They are observing and learning something new all the time.


What would it be like if we woke up with that kind of energy and curiosity every day of our lives?


We get used to our surroundings and the environment around us. We eat the food that nourishes and sustains us quite unmindfully. We fail to see the new shoots sprouting from a plant that has been there in our homes maybe for months. We have gotten so used to it being there that we don’t really see it anymore.


This holds true for the people in our lives too. We may acquire a new friend, spouse, boss, colleague; and we appreciate the qualities that they portray. As time goes along we forget the qualities that endeared them to us. We take those for granted as our due! We remember and are constantly irritated by the qualities that are not so attractive.


No wonder we lose the charm and the excitement in life!


As time flies and the seasons and years change, nature evolves. Every season is the same in a broader perspective, but every tree will flower differently every spring, a rose bush would give different arrangements of blooms. Every winter will bring different degrees of frost and cold, every summer will bring different experiences.


We tend to lose the joy in life when we continue to view only the broader perspectives of life. For example, if we are stuck on getting to the the end of the journey or the goal, we would only see that the goal is still far away. The distance to it may be reducing with time but if we ignore the progress we make each day then the joy of the journey eludes us. Life could become a drag with the thought that the goal is still a distance away. It would tire us unnecessarily.


Every day accounting of what we have achieved puts the profit and loss statement of every day experiences into perspective. Acknowledging and celebrating each new progress helps us to forget the toll the journey sometimes exacts from us.


Does the child remember that it could only sit till a few days back when it starts toddling around? Do students rue the rigorous hours of study that they put in when they see the excellent report card they get?


If we are aware and awake every one of our waking moments, taking in the smells and sights around us, would we ever be disinterested in life or weary of it?


Last modified: August 29, 2018