Are You Aiming to be looked as a BRAND?

July 25, 2018 / Comments Off on Are You Aiming to be looked as a BRAND?

A public figure has to have a strong brand identity to catch the attention of the people in general. Without a strong Brand Identity a public figure has a short public life.

Firstly be sure of your Who and What statements – Who do you serve and What do you help them to do. It helps you to be clear in your thoughts and communication with the public. It helps to clarify for yourself and for the public what result you produce for them. Unless you are helping them in some useful way they would not be wooed.

Secondly be clear with the Why do you do what you do statement – What do you stand for? What drives you personally, emotionally, professionally and philosophically? People want to know what drives you. There are many people who do what you do, but what is it that stands out in your profile that would attract more people to you than to others? That is what would make you more successful than your peers.

A Few Tips

People like friendly people, but they can spot you from afar if you are not real. The sort of fakeness that you sometimes feel when someone says, “I will call you,” and you know that you will never hear from them. It’s good to be friendly, but it’s also essential to be real. Being real does not mean being hurtful with frank opinions, but being Authentic.

Be empathetic. It’s safe to say that women are generally more empathetic than men. Many men can take a cue from the women in their life to work on empathy. It goes a long way in really connecting to people.

Focus on being relevant. Relevant people are popular; popular people get the most attention; those with the most attention get the most business. Marketing should be relevant. It is a very important factor in being authentic and successful.


Create your brand identity and win over the world!

Last modified: July 25, 2018