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About DR.M

Coach of Coaches

World’s Leading and Most Reliable Success Coach, successful Ayurvedic doctor, a keynote speaker, a Strategy and Human-Potential Expert.

Dr. Meghana Dikshit (aka DrM)

Dr. Meghana Dikshit (aka DrM) is the World’s Leading and Most Reliable Success Coach. She is a successful Ayurvedic doctor, a keynote speaker, a Strategy and Human-Potential Expert and an Author who is also a skilled and trained International Speaker. She has 22 years of experience of designing and delivering an exclusive one-of-a-kind Success Coaching Program applicable in the world of Business, Glamour, Sports and Academics, with the Power Of Neuroscience and Peak Human Potential. She also has a grip on Spirituality and Energy Medicine. She has coached more than 27,000 people worldwide to help them succeed in their Personal Life, Career, Financial Life and Business through her Speaking, Coaching and Various Workshops. She lives in Mumbai, India and supports clients worldwide.

Success Coach

She Makes People and Businesses Successful, Smart…Fast.

DrM makes people and businesses Successful in the fastest and Smartest way. She teaches Proven and Powerful Tools, Skills and Strategies. You can use them to Progress Faster and Achieve More in your Personal and Professional lives, your Business and your Health. She helps you to get the career, lifestyle, business success and the relationships that you truly want. She helps you in achieving Sustainable Success.


Change My Life Today

What Results she has got so far?

So far Dr M has helped her clients in the following areas:

  • To get the job they really want
  • To get the promotion and pay rise they were aiming for
  • Increasing their Income by 40-300% by her Efficient Money Management System
  • Improving their Leadership, Communication, Public Speaking and Time Management skills
  • Helping them achieve Maximum Influence and Results in shortest time
  • Developing Powerful Action Plans to make them More Efficient and Productive
  • Growing their Self Confidence and Achieving the Maximum Results they want
  • Getting freedom from their Fears and Stress
  • And Many More topics to suit her client’s Special Requirements.
  • She has been interviewed on radio, TV ,magazines and Leading Newspapers. She has also travelled and spoken in many countries in the world.
  • She has coached and consulted CEOs, Directors, Celebrities and Page 3 personalities, Managers, Professionals, Students, Star Athletes and Entrepreneurs etc. who seek to better behavior, to achieve next level growth.
  • She also coaches High Potential individuals genuinely interested in in-depth, high intensity re-engineering of the Mindset to
    *Heighten Awareness, Amplify performance
    *Exponentially accelerate Career, Grow fortunes
    *Enhance Execution & Live Spectacular Lifestyles

She teaches: “How you can start from anywhere in your life and get to your dreams, aims, goals and ambitions….FASTER”
She can make you successful.
By working with DrM, You can ACHIEVE your personal goals FASTER than you imagine.
She is the ONLY success coach who can help you in the most reliable way and until you reach your desired destination.

If you want to become world-class at what you do, you must get to the point where it becomes unconscious and automatic. Once you get to this level, you’ll be able to innovate and make your craft your own, because you’ll be operating at a higher frequency. Each of my Clients has greatly benefited in their professional and personal lives by creating a foundation of their own personal transformation. Working through my breakthrough insights, exceptional strategies, powerful methodologies that rewire mindset, alter overall approach & improve performance, and aligns it to one’s Highest Vision. This results into heightened awareness and presence, causing 10x rise in personal productivity, significantly enhanced outcomes and much more. Once signed up with me, get prepared to Experience & Live your Extraordinary LIFE” – Dr Meghana Dikshit